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Kind Reminder
Since the abstract submission was extended for once before, abstract review is postponed. Now all abstracts has been reviewed and the result is been uploading very carefully. If there is empty result, it means the result is under uploading. Please be patient and wait for the final notification.

Oral Presentation & Presentation Slides
 You will be given the opportunity of Oral Presentation and are asked to prepare a PowerPoint for this presentation. Speakers are kindly requested to use Microsoft PowerPoint in English for their presentations.
 Presenters are required to submit their presentations to the Congress's Speaker Preview Room at least half day before their scheduled presentation time in order to allow verification and transfer to the conference center system. 
 PERSONAL LAPTOPS will not be allowed in the meeting rooms.

Please read the following instructions first before building PPTs.
PowerPoint Instructions
 Please use the Microsoft PowerPoint (*.ppt) or (*pptx), to guarantee it can be opened successfully on an on-site PC.
 We recommend you to save your PowerPoint presentation using PPT(x) format instead of PPS.
 Please note that we cannot guarantee the quality of Macintosh-based presentations; please check in advance their Windows compatibility.
 JPG images are the preferred file format for inserted images. GIF, TIF or BMP formats will be accepted as well.
 Videos: Please take steps to compress your videos (Less than 500M). Uncompressed videos will take longer to upload and will not be better quality than a modern MPEG-4 codec. We can only accept videos created as MPGs, WMVs or AVI formats. If you cannot convert the files or have a considerable number of MOV files, please check with a technician in the Speaker Ready Room who can make arrangements to convert the videos for you.
 Considerations for Mac Users
Keynote files must convert to .PPT or .PPTX first before submission. 

Time Schedule and How to Confirm Presentation

 Your presentation time and date will be available on the website around end of August.
 Please inform the Congress Secretariat before August 15th, 2019 if you are unable to attend the Congress ( 

E-Poster Submission Guidelines
It is mandatory to build the PPT using the WFNS2019 E-Poster template and you may download it from the website. 
Click here to download the E-Poster Template
 Format: .ppt or .pptx only
 Size: Please limit your PPT slide to one page only and make sure that the size of the document is within 20M.
 Submission Deadline: August 15th, 2019
Only the PPT uploaded and using the WFNS official E-poster template will be displayed during the Congress.
 Submission Procedure
a) Submission site for E-Poster is opened and Only abstracts that are accepted as E-Poster Presentation are required to submit the PPTs. 
b) Please log into the system with registered Email and password (Abstracts’ contributor account only). 
c) Click on the "Upload"  button under the" Extended Abstract/Manuscript (ppt|pptx) " section first and read the submission instructions carefully. 
d) Click on the " Select File " button to select the .ppt / .pptx file from your computer first and start the uploading process.
e) Once the uploading process is complete and successful, you will be notified with a pop up window showing “UPLOAD SUCCEED”. You may download the uploaded document or re-upload if modification is needed.  

We firmly believe that your contribution will make the WFNS2019 successful.
We are looking forward to seeing you in Beijing!

Sincerely Yours,
WFNS2019 Secretariat