Date and Time: Sept. 9, 2019  18:00-20:00
Venue: The Great Wall at Juyong Pass
Theme: Glorious Neurosurgery

The Great Wall Carnival will be held on Sept. 9, 2019.

We must say it is the first time that the Great Wall would welcome so many friends from all over the world in its history of 2500 years. No international event of our size has ever been allowed to celebrate on the back of the Great Wall. We don’t think there will be one the next 2500 years.

Dear friends and colleagues, you will be making history not only in the history of the WFNS after the change from Interim to Congress but also in the history of the Great Wall. It is a once in a lifetime chance, a chance we believe none of us would miss!

A Great Congress of WFNS on the Great Wall of China! Welcome!

Don’t miss it. Otherwise you have to wait for another 2500 years!